Curry Soup Recipes

If you are a curry lover then the chances are you will love curry soup too. There are so many different types of curried soup, from vegetable soups which are seasoned with curry spices, through to traditional curried soups such as Mulligatawny soup, which is a traditional South Indian curry soup which over the years has taken on many different guises, with some recipes including meat and others not.

Lentil or dahl soups are also wonderful as curry soups with the texture of the lentils complementing the spicy curry seasoning.

Curry Soup Recipes

We’ve shared some great curry soup recipes with you below. Many of these can be varied and adapted, depending on what you have in your store cupboard and what type of meal you are after. Serve with rice to make a more substantial meal or add some Indian pickle or chutney to give your soup a kick!

Here are some of our favourite curry soup recipes in a variety of styles.

Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup

This vegetarian mulligatawny soup is packed full of lentils and spices. This will make a substantial and warming meal when served with crusty bread and perhaps a dollop of chutney for any cooler evening.

Indian Dal Soup | Vegetarian Red Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk

If you use a vegetable oil instead of butter for sauting the vegetables, this soup will be suitable for vegans too.

EASIEST Curry Mee Noodle Soup Recipe

This is a quick to make a Malaysian style curry mee noodle soup made with Thai red curry paste, curry powder, turmeric and other spices. This soup can be made in less than 20 minutes without compromising on taste!

Coconut Curry Soup Recipe

This creamy coconut curry soup makes a great meal choice when you are looking for something healthy, tasty and filling!

More Curry Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more curry soup recipes we enjoy including:

Anything-You-Have Vegan Coconut Curry Soup

This is soup after my own heart! This soup is customizable depending on what you have to hand. Make the soup base and add the toppings you have available to make a super-soup.

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Curried Chickpea Soup Recipe

This flavorsome curried chickpea soup is a one-pot soup and will create a soup perfect for an evening meal. Eat on its own or add rice, vegetables or a chunk of naan bread to make a more substantial meal.

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Curried Sweetcorn and Chicken Soup

This twist on the traditional Chinese sweetcorn soup has a subtle curry flavour. For a quick make, use frozen or canned sweetcorn for this tasty soup.

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What Types of Herbs and Spices are Best for Curry Soup?

While you can just add some curry powder or curry paste to a soup to give it a curry flavour, if you know about typical curry spices, you can easily create your own curry soups from scratch.

This excellent video explains some of the key Indian spices used in curry.

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