Homemade Sweet Soup Recipes

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of sweet soups. I make them all the time in my home. While they’re not always a a high-end culinary specialty and sometimes more of a sweet treat, there are some recipes out there that are just too good to let go by. There’s no doubt that these soups are as popular as they are because of the comfort of the flavors they impart.

Sweet soups are also much loved by the family and make a warming alternative to ice cream as a desert on cold winter days.

Sweet Soup Recipes

There are many different types of sweet soups to try. There are healthy fruit soups which can be served hot or cold and there are rich warming chocolate soups which are a step up from hot chocolate and give a filling and comforting desert alternative.

Here are some of our favourite sweet soup recipes 🙂

Chocolate Soup & Cinnamon Croutons

This is perhaps one of the richest, yet most beautiful desserts… it’s simple and simply elegant at the same time. The sweet crunch of cinnamon toasted brioche croutons with rich, smooth, deep chocolate flavours!

How to Make Taro-Coconut Tapioca Dessert Soup

Taro-coconut tapioca soup is a Chinese-Japanese recipe that combines the flavors of taro, coconut and tapioca. It’s a very popular dish in Japan and China that you can find at many restaurants, but it’s also quite simple to make at home as this step by step video shows.

How To Make Norwegian Apple Soup ? Norsk eple suppe

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets excited about an apple soup. I just love the taste of apples, especially when they are soaked in a broth and cooked until soft. We make apple soup from fallen apples in our garden, but any apples will work well. This Norwegian Apple Soup is bold, with a hint of spice that will make your mouth water, but it’s not too spicy or overpowering. Top this apple soup with sour cream, ice cream, vanilla yogurt or whipped cream to create a rich and satisfying desert or snack.

Chilled White Chocolate Soup Recipe

This chilled white soup will make a rich and sweet desert. You will need a blender and fridge to make this recipe.

More Sweet Desert Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more sweet soup recipes we enjoy including:

Polish Strawberry Soup Recipe

Zupa truskawkowa is an old Polish delicacy that is made with ripe juicy strawberries and served with salad. It is a popular dish in Poland.

Image credit: PolishHouseWife.com

Banana Soup Recipe

This chilled banana soup is mixed with cream and will make a filling and satisfying desert.

Image credit: SHARON123/Food.com

Fruit Soup Recipe

There are many different types of fruit soup recipes, however this is one we’ve tried and love. The mix of fruit and tapioca creates a sweet soup which is tasty and satisfying.

Image credit: MelsKitchenCafe.com

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