We love making Vichyssoise soup during the summer. It’s a great staple dish for every single family — whether it’s a weeknight dinner, or whether you’re entertaining and want to impress your guests with a special meal. Vichyssoise soup is traditionally made using potatoes and leaks – and is served cold.

Vichyssoise Soup Recipes

There are many different types of Vichyssoise soup recipes and variations. The recipes below all use traditional ingredients – however, if you are pressed for time, you could consider swapping fresh potatoes with instant mashed potatoes. You will not get the same taste or texture, but it’s worth keeping in mind for a quick fix 🙂

Here are some of our favourite vichyssoise recipes 🙂

Crème Vichyssoise Recipe from The French Cooking Academy

What better way is there to learn how to make Vichyssoise – plus also learn about the history of this delightful soup, than learning from the French Cooking Academy.

Dairy Free Vichyssoise Soup Recipe

If you are cooking for a vegan or someone who is avoiding dairy products, this dairy free Vichyssoise soup recipe gives all the flavour without the cream and butter.

Traditional Vichyssoise Soup Recipe – and Tips for Serving

This recipe explains not only how to make Vichyssoise soup, but also how to create those professional looking drizzles and toppings which make all the difference to a soup (and are not ‘that’ difficult to make!

More Vichyssoise Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more Vichyssoise soup recipes we enjoy including:

Irresistible French Potato and Leek Soup

This recipe uses chicken stock, however it is simple to swap this out if you want to make a vegetarian version of this soup. 

Image credit: The Spruce

Cauliflower Vichyssoise Recipe

Here’s a variation of the traditional Vichyssoise recipe with cauliflower used as a key ingredient.

Image credit: CD Kitchen

Classic Vichyssoise Soup Recipe With Focaccia

This recipe not only explains how to make a classic Vichyssoise soup, it also shows you how to make a delightful focaccia bread to go with it.

Image credit: CountryLife

What is Vichyssoise Soup?

Vichyssoise (pronounced vee-SHAY-soe) is a traditional French dish made with a mixture of cream, potato and onion soup. The name vichyssoise comes from its French roots, meaning “little butter.” The appetizing name is due to its creamy texture that is considered to be the best culinary option for the spring and summer as it is traditionally served cold.

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