Vegetable Soup Recipes & Tutorials

Vegetable soup is certainly one of my favourite meals to make, and I think it’s one of the easiest meals to create quickly and without fuss. Vegetable soup is also often low-calorie, filling with low or no cholesterol, and tastes great!

There are many ways you can make vegetable soup, but my favourite way is using vegetables with a super-ripe and in season. I usually make a batch of vegetable soup in the winter when it’s cold outside and I’m craving a warm bowl of soup, and keep a batch on hand in the supper when I’m looking for a light snack.

One of the great things about vegetable soup is that it is so easy to vary – just swap out whatever vegetables you have on hand to create a different soup.

Vegetable Soup Recipes

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Vegetable Soup for Meat Eaters

Vegetable soup needn’t just be for vegans and vegetarians. Meat eaters can add meat, bacon, or sausage for extra flavor.

Here are some great vegetable soup recipes to try:

The Shocking Secret of Making Great Vegetable Soup 🙂

This is a funny video by Adam Ragusea which does a great job of myth-busting what you need to do to create a great vegetable soup. This will help anyone who is nervous about the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a vegetable soup from scratch see that, actually, you can ignore all the high-fa-looting talk and just get on with it.

THE VEGETABLE SOUP! Irish Farmhouse Vegetable Soup Recipe!

This recipe uses good basic ingredients and vegetable so make a warm and comforting rich vegetable soup.

Low Calorie Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipe

This creamy vegetable soup is both filling and low in calories which makes it a great option when you are managing your weight and looking for a substantial yet low calorie meal. The soup recipe uses chicken stock, however vegans and vegetarians can substitute vegetable stock to enjoy this soup.

More Vegetable Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more vegetable soup recipes we enjoy including:

Chunky veg soup with stuffing dumplings recipe

This recipe takes a humble vegetable soup and ‘beefs’ it up (in a non meaty way) with stuffing dumplings to make a satisfying and substantial main meal.

Image credit: Tesco

Customizable Vegetable Soup Recipe

We’ve already said that one of the great things about vegetable soup is its versatility. In this recipe from Martha Stewart, she shows how you can customize this recipe to create the perfect recipe for you!

Image credit: MARCUS NILSSON/

45 Vegetable Soup Recipes

If you have a few minutes to spare, and fancy browsing a wide range of vegetable soups, you will find 45 recipes here to get your creative juices flowing!

Image credit: BBC Good Food

Tips for Making Vegetable Soup

If you’re in the middle of preparing a batch of soup and want to reduce the amount of water in your soup, you can freeze the vegetables first. This will help retain as much flavor and nutrients in the finished product but reduce the water.

Try substituting frozen vegetables if you don’t have fresh on hand. Remember, you may need to reduce cooking time.

Don’t overseason the soup by adding too much seasoning before you start. Test the soup at the end and adjust any seasoning required.

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