How to Make Croutons for Soup – Recipes and Tutorials

Croutons make great toppings for soup. If you want to learn how to make croutons for soup from scratch read on! However, if you are looking for other ways to garnish your soup, we have a whole page for you to explore here – SOUP GARNISH IDEAS

Croutons are widely popular as a soup topping as they add flavour, texture and bulk to a soup. There are many different styles and type of crouton, from healthy options of toasted wholemeal bread, through to occasional treats of croutons made from fried bread and cheese.

The key to successfully using croutons in soup is to match the style of crouton with the soup. A curried soup, for example, will work very well with naan croutons, or a Mediterranean soup will be great with croutons made from bread sauteed with olive oil.

Soup Crouton Recipes

We’ve shared some great crouton ideas and recipes with you below. Many of these can be varied and adapted, depending on what you have in your store cupboard and what type of meal you are after.

Featured Recipe

How to Make Croutons for Soup

Garlic Parmesan Croutons Recipe

These croutons will make a great garnish for vegetable based soups like tomato soup or Mediterranean soups like a hearty Minestrone soup.

Basic Crouton Recipe

If you know how to make basic croutons, you can adjust the flavours and seasoning to compliment your soup and make the perfect croutons for your dish. This video shows how to make basic croutons.

Gluten Free Wheat Free Croutons

Learn how to make gluten free and wheat free croutons. If you are cooking for someone with a wheat intolerance or suffer from this yourself, there’s no need to go without crunchy croutons on your soup. Learn how to make your own here:

How to Make Blue Cheese Croutons

Blue cheese croutons pack a flavoursome punch and will be a great addition to many soups. We like to pair blue cheese croutons with mushroom soup. Yumm!

More Crouton Recipes

How about using an airfryer to create tasty, crunchy croutons, like sweetpeasandsaffron on Instagram:

Naan Bread Croutons

Make crunchy naan bread croutons to complement your spicy soups.

Image credit: Boomette/

Cheese Souffle Croutons

This recipe makes about 100 croutons – these souffle croutons also freeze well, so there’s no need to eat all 100 in one go!

Image credit:

Cranberry-Pecan Croutons with Gruyère and Rosemary

Use a fruit and nut bread to make these cheesy croutons. They are crisp on the outside, tender within, and covered in melted cheese and herbs.

Image credit: Fine Cooking / Scott Phillips

How to Cube Bread

Most crouton recipes use cubed bread as the base. If you are new to making croutons, and not sure how to cube bread, don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it may first seem!

This video shows you how to quickly cube bread into even sized chunks 🙂

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