Bread Bowl Recipes & Ideas

What better way is there to serve soup than in a bowl made of bread! It cuts down on washing up while combining soup and bread together into one luscious dish. Any type of small loaf will do for bread bowls, as long as it has a nice thick crust which will stop the outside of the bowl from getting too mushy and for the bowl to collapse before you’ve finished the soup! However, there are some great recipes and tutorials for making your own bread bowls, and we’ve shared those below.

Featured Bread Bowl Recipe & How To

How to make your own bread bowls for soup

The Best Soup for Bread Bowls

The best types of soup for bread bowls are thick soups which will take longer to soak through the bread. A good hearty onion soup, for example will be perfect for a soup bowl, as would a lovely creamy potato soup.

Bread Bowl Recipes

You’ll find a round up of the best bread bowl recipes and tutorials on the web today for you to try. When you’ve made your bread bowl, remember you can use the middle of the loaf to make some home cooked croutons, to add to other soups to make a substantial winter evening’s meal.

How To Make Homemade Bread Bowls

This step by step tutorial shows how to make a bread bowl which is soft inside with a crispy crust. Perfect!

How to Prepare Soup in Bread Bowls

This video shows different soup recipes for bread bowls and shows how to prepare the finished bowl. They use purchased bread boule (which is a traditional french bread made in the shape of a ball) – which makes creating soup in bread bowls super easy!

Home Baked Bread Bowls

This sturdy recipe for homemade bread bowls is perfect for serving with your favorite hearty soup!

How to Make Sourdough Bread Bowls

Sourdough bread will make a great base for a bread bowl for soup. The sour taste of the bread will complement many different soups and add to the overall flavor and texture.

More Bread Bowl for Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more bread bowl recipes we enjoy including:

Bread Bowl Recipe

This is something a little different. Instead of making a bread bowl from a round loaf with the inside scooped out, here the bread bowl is actually baked into a bowl shape. What a cute idea!

Image credit:

Grilled Cheese Bread Bowls with Tomato Soup

This recipe uses bought bread loafs, however you could of course bake your own using a recipe above. The key to this recipe is the way that cheese is used to line the inside of the bread bowl and the top has been used to create a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Wholemeal Bread Bowl Recipe

If you fancy a wholemeal alternative to the white flour bread bowl, this recipe is just the thing!

Image credit: DianaDishes

Here’s another great bread bowl idea from JillsKitchenCafe. She uses pumpkin puree to enrich the dough for the bowls – yum! Click below to see the full recipe

How to Eat Soup in a Bread Bowl

Ok, so if you got to the end here and are thinking that this all looks great, but just how do you go about eating soup in a bread bowl, without it all becoming a horrible steaming mess? Don’t worry, there’s a great tutorial at WikiHow which gives you a step by step guide to how to eat soup in a bread bowl.


Check out the full tutorial at WikiHow HERE.

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