How to Make Soup Dumplings – Soup Dumplings Recipes

When we think of soup dumplings, we either think of the traditional Chinese dish (xiaolongbao) where a flavoursome soup is tucked inside a dough pocket, which is pinched closed (18 pinches mean good luck) – and then steamed in a bamboo basket, or we think of stew style dumplings, where a dollop of dough, often made with flour and suet or a vegetarian equivalent, which are left to slowly cook in the soup broth.

Soup dumplings can be as fiddly or as simple as you want to make them, and you’ll find below a round-up of soup dumpling ideas.

Soup Dumpling Recipes & Ideas

Here are some of our favourite soup dumpling recipes in a variety of styles.

How to Make Traditional Chinese Soup Dumplings from Scratch

This informative and fun video shows how to make traditional soup dumplings from scratch, and importantly, shows how to fold the dumpling wrapper to ensure the soup stays inside the dumpling!

How to Make a Giant Soup Dumpling

Don’t want to make lots of fiddly little soup dumplings? How about cooking one big one!

Cheesey Squash and Dumpling Soup (Vegan)

These dumplings are more of a ‘stew’ type dumpling where the dumpling batter is cooked in the soup broth. The dumpling batter is made from a non dairy buttermilk with flour, baking powder with a vegan cheese, and then added to the soup broth to cook.

Smokey Tomato Soup with Dumplings

This is another ‘stew’ style soup dumpling. Here they are used to add more substance to a smokey tomato soup, however they would work equally well in other tasty vegetable soups.

More Soup Dumpling Recipes

And there are plenty more soup dumpling recipes we enjoy including:

How to Make Xiaolongbao from Scratch

Learn how to make traditional soup dumplings (and, importantly, how to get the soup inside the dumpling!) from scratch.

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Veggie Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Here the traditional Chinese style soup dumpling is given a make-over to make it suitable for veggies.

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Vegetable Soup and Dumplings

This is a recipe which shows how to make ‘stew’ style dumplings in a vegetable soup.

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How to Eat Soup Dumplings

So if you want to give traditional Chinese style soup dumplings a go, but are not sure how to eat them, don’t fear! This video shows you how to eat soup dumplings in a mess-free way!

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