How to Garnish Soup – Ideas, Recipes and Tutorials

If you are wondering how to garnish soup, whether it’s to make a stand-out soup for a dinner party, or just to give a plain bowl of soup a little makeover, you’ll find that making great looking soup garnish is now where near as difficult as it may seem.

It’s amazing what just a drizzle of cream over the top of a bowl of soup can do. Rather than add all the cream to a cream soup base, keep some back and swirl it over the top. Herbs and spices can also make interesting garnish for soup, as well as adding additional flavour.

A spoonful of fried onion will work well with most soups – particularly if you caramelize the onion (as we have seen in the French Onion Soup recipes, this imparts a depth and sweetness of flavor to the dish)

Of course, one of the most popular ways to garnish soup is with croutons – and we’ve dedicated a whole page to these 🙂 Crouton Recipes and Tutorials

How to Garnish Soups

There’s nothing quite like watching a technique in action before trying it at home, and the videos below will help you create great looking toppings for your soup and show you how to garnish soups like a pro!

How to Decorate Soup With Cream

All you need is a food safe squeezy bottle and some cream to make these simple yet so effective and elegant soup decoration. This will work well on a whole variety of soup, but particularly dark soup where the light cream will contrast with the dark soup base.

Soup Art! Garnish Soup With Cream

Watch how to create a variety of attractive toppings for your soup using cream and a squeezy bottle. Turn your soup into works of art 🙂

How to Garnish Soup In Different Ways

This really will help you learn to garnish soup like a pro! This video is aimed at professional chefs, however the techniques are ones we can do at home with ease.

Soup Topping Ideas

This short video explores some different ideas for soup toppings. The emphasis here is on complimenting the underlying soup with different textures and flavours.

Soup Topping Ideas

This video shows us how to make a traditional lentil soup AND different topping ideas which will add flavour and texture – plus topping ideas to turn a soup into a main meal.

More Soup Garnish Ideas

And there are plenty more ideas for garnishing and topping soups, including this one from miramanek on Instagram:

14 Soup Topping Ideas

Here are 14 different ideas for soup toppings, plenty to keep you going with new ideas. My personal favourite is Parmesan crisps, and you’ll find a recipe for these too linked from this page.

Image credit: VANESSA GREAVES / All Recipes

Healthy Soup Topping Ideas

Lots of ideas for healthy soup toppings and garnishes to transform a bowl of soup into something spectacular! Soup toppers add crunchiness, creaminess or herbs for extra flavour, nutrition and fun!

Image credit: Flavour and Savour

Christmas Soup Garnish

OK, so while this may have a limited season, this cute Christmas tree and wreath soup garnish is well worth practicing. The wreath could be used as a soup garnish for other occasions too.

Image credit:

This is a great example from getlostmailo on Instagram which shows how a few artfully arranged embellishments can dress up a soup dish and make it suitable for gracing any dinner party!

How to Make a Piping Bag For Piping Cream for Soup

Many of the soup garnishes we looked at above used piped cream. While this may seem daunting to start, it’s not ‘that’ difficult and you don’t need loads of equipment to get started. In fact, you can easily create your own piping bag at home using just a freezer bag.

This video explains shows you how to create your own piping bag so you can create lovely cream garnishes for your soup.

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