Lentil Soup Recipes

Lentil soup is a staple of many soup lovers. Lentil soup is so versatile and can take on different tastes, flavours and textures depending on the type of lentils used and the way the soup is prepared. Many countries have their own versions of lentil soup and we are highlighting are favourites here!

Lentils are packed full of protein and fiber, making them a healthy choice. While many lentil soup recipes are vegan or vegetarian, meat eaters can add some ham (as in the Scottish dish below) or other meat to the broth while cooking to give the soup some extra flavour.

Lentil soups are at the heart of many cultures, and one of the things we enjoy as a family is taking a gastro virtual trip around the world trying and tasting the different versions of lentil soup we create following these recipes and tutorials.

Lentil Soup Recipes

There are so many different types of lentil soup available, we’d never cover them all in one post. However once you get the hang of making a basic lentil soup, it’s easy to create new variations.

Here are some of our favourite lentil soup recipes from around the world πŸ™‚

Authentic Lebanese Lentil Soup Recipe

Lebanese lentil soups are a staple in Lebanese cuisine. The ingredients are simple. Lentils, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and maybe some fresh herbs. You can change the flavor with spices. This delicious lentil soup uses red lentils as the base.

Traditional Scottish Ham and Lentil Soup

If you have ever been to Scotland you will know that a bowl of thick warming and flavoursome soup is a welcome addition to any meal – particularly on a chilly winter’s day.

Mediterranean One-Pot Lentil Soup Recipe

This one-pot lentil soup recipe is packed full of texture and flavour. The lentils provide a rich source of protein and is ideal for vegans and vegetarians and will be loved by meat-eaters too!

Healthy Lentil Soup | Masoor Dal Soup

This Indian soup recipe is packed full of spicy flavour and will be a substantial mean served with hot naan bread. This soup is both healthy and flavoursome – a winning combination!

More Lentils Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more lentil soup recipes we enjoy including:

French Lentil Soup

Chock full of vegetables and bacon, this lentil soup is a hearty and healthy meal unto itself when served with chunks of crusty bread.

Image credit: OnceUponaChef.com


This traditional Greek soup uses brown lentils as the base and has a splash of red wine vinegar which pulls together the different flavours. Serve topped with feta cheese for an authentic way to serve this soup. The sharp taste of the feta complements the rich flavours of the soup.

Image credit: MyGreekDish.com

Lentil Soup with Chorizo – Sopa de Lentejas con Chorizo

The chorizo adds texture and flavour to this rich lentil soup.

Image credit: Mexico In My Kitchen

What Are Lentils & How to Prepare Them?

Lentils are a legume that has been used by both human beings and the animals they feed since ancient times for their protein, fat content, and ease of cooking. Lentil soup is one of the most common dishes in the world and also one of the most nutritious ones. It’s easy to cook and is very healthy for you. Lentils are grown in many parts of the world, but are primarily cultivated in India, Egypt, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Algeria.

Lentils are used in a huge variety of dishes and are an important protein source for vegans and vegetarians.

While tinned and jars of lentils are widely available, they are quick and easy to prepare at home using dried lentils – and dried lentils are much cheaper to buy than tinned lentils. It’s not difficult to prepare dried lentils – as this video shows πŸ™‚

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