Potato Soup Recipes

Potato soup is another family favorite. We used to eat a lot of potato soup when I was growing up, and my mom would add onions, leeks and other vegetables depending on what she had to hand. During the winter she’d serve great bowls of thick and flavorsome potato soup, sometimes it would be so thick it would be difficult to distinguish soup from wet mashed potato! But we didn’t care as it tasted divine. My sister didn’t like the pureed potatoes, so I remember how she would have hers first and them mom would blitz the rest in the food processor or using the blender for the rest of us. Happy memories… 🙂

There are a huge variety of potato soup and potato based soups, including, of course, Vichyssoise (which we have dedicated a page to on its own). Potato soup is generally versatile and can be made in slow cookers and one-pot dishes, as well as cooked on the stove top.

Potato Soup Recipes

We’ve shared some great potato soup recipes with you below. Many of these can be varied and adapted, depending on what you have in your store cupboard and what type of meal you are after.

Here are some of our favourite potato soup recipes 🙂

Homemade Italian Potato Soup | Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo shows us how to make Italian style potato soup. This video gives us an over-the-shoulder look at the complete process and is ideal for beginner soup makers as well as those with more experience.

Hungarian Potato and Sausage Soup

This is a rich, hearty potato soup packed with flavor. The sausage will give additional taste and texture, however if you wanted to make this soup for vegetarians, you could consider leaving out the sausage and adding more potato – but check the seasoning!

How to Make Creamy Potato Soup From Scratch

Learn how to make a creamy potato soup from scratch. This recipe uses carrots and celery to add to the broth, however you could also add other vegetables such as leaks to create your own variation of this soup.

Mexican Style Potato Soup | Caldo de Papas

This tasty and flavorsome soup uses a chicken stock, however this could be changed for a vegetable stock to make it suitable for vegetarians.

More Potato Soup Recipes

And there are plenty more potato soup recipes we enjoy including this one from Salt and Lavender on Instagram:

Instant Potato-Cheese Soup Recipe

This is a super-quick way to make delicious and substantial cheese and potato soup as the recipe uses instant mashed potato or potato flakes as the base.

Image credit: CDKitchen

Slow-Cooker Cheesy Potato Soup

This super-popular slow cooker potato soup recipe is one that the family will enjoy. Add your own toppings to make this a firm family favourite!

Image credit: BettyCrocker.com


This hearty, comforting beer cheese potato soup combines the best of both worlds – marrying the timeless flavors of sausage and potato soup with the classic Wisconsin beer cheese soup.

Image credit: MidwestFoodieBlog.com

This is a great option for vegans:

What Types of Potato Are Best for Soup?

Any type of potato will work well in soup, however ‘waxy’ potatoes, such as Yukon Gold will hold their texture better as the soup is cooked. As we have seen above, potato soup can even be made from instant mash!

There are over 5000 different types of potato – to learn more about potatoes and to decide which is best for you, check out this video below:

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